2017 – Here’s a Jar Full of Joy for You!

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December 27, 2016
January 11, 2017
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2017 – Here’s a Jar Full of Joy for You!


As with most years, many people are ready to kick 2016 to the curb.

Let’s face it – this past year really has been rough with the noise of the election cycle, world wide unrest, etc.  And how about all of the celebrity passings? There were so many that social media is teeming with pleas for 2016 to keep its hands off of Betty White!

Yes, 2016 was a rough one.

So what can you do to make 2017 a better year for yourself?

All you need is an empty jar, some scraps of paper and a pencil or pen.


Here’s the challenge:

Each day, take a piece of paper and write one or more good things that happened. It doesn’t have to be anything real big, although it can be. Just look for something that made you smile, or made you feel grateful, or stopped you dead in your tracks because of its sheer beauty. You get the idea. What’s at work here is focus. And when your focus is on good things, even for a little bit, you naturally begin to notice more and more good things. Gradually, your outlook begins to shift. The world around you seems to become a little brighter, bit by bit.

Now, the world will continue to go its own way, of course.  Bad things will happen as well as good things. But you will have begun to control the only thing you really can in life:  your outlook.  That is a very good thing.

Plus,  at the close of 2017, you’ll have more than just a new and improved out look on life. You’ll have a jar full of proof that the year wasn’t all bad, after all, and maybe – just maybe – 2018 will be even better!