Current Openings


Child Care Worker I

Provides care and supervision for emotionally & behaviorally disturbed adolescents in a Residential Group Home setting. The agency’s clients are referred through Social Service and Juvenile Probation Departments for a 6 – 12 month placement. We are currently operating 8 residential group homes 2 of which are specialty programs working with the Pregnant &Parenting Teen and Male Juvenile Sex Offender Population.

We are currently  recruiting to fill 8-10 openings in our Residential Group Home Facilities. The open positions consist of evening and weekend schedules  as well as, overnight schedules which pay a 10% differential for working overnight hours. If interested apply on-line, fax resume to (559) 439-1007 or drop by the administrative office at 7120 N. Marks Suite 110 on Marks North of Herndon.

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