Current Openings

Foster Family Agency Social Worker

The Foster Family Agency Social Worker provides social work services. They assist certified caregivers in licensed foster homes in maintaining a safe, therapeutic environment for children ages 0-21 in the foster care system. The Social Worker serves as an advocate for the foster children on their caseload. They maintain foster family agency client files, conduct home visits on a weekly basis and complete progress notes. The Social Worker position is required to complete initial assessments and quarterly reports for all children on their caseload to provide to the placement county representatives. Lastly, they conduct discharge planning on each foster child on their caseload and prepare termination summaries when the foster child leaves placement.

Minimum Education/Experience Requirements:

(1) A Master's Degree or higher from an accredited or state approved graduate school in social work or social welfare, marriage, family, and child counseling, child psychology, child development, counseling psychology or social psychology.

(2) In addition to the degree specifications in Subsection (d)(1), all of the following coursework and field practice or experience shall be required of all new hires effective January 1, 1993:

(A) At least three semester units or 100 days of field practice or experience in a public or private social service agency setting at the Master's Degree level.

(B) At least nine semester units of coursework related to children and families, or 18 months experience in working with children and families.

(C) At least three semester units in working with minority populations; six months of experience in working with minority populations; or six months in-service training in working with minority populations within the first year of employment as a condition of employment.

(D) At least three semester units in child welfare, or two years experience in a public or private child welfare social services setting.

Child Care Worker I

We currently have openings for Child Care Worker I positions in our Residential Treatment Facilities. We currently have several positions open including overnight shifts .  

Job Description Summary

The Child Care Worker I position requires the staff to supervise adolescent clients ages 12-17 in a group home setting. The clients are referred from Social Service and Juvenile Probation Departments for a 3-6 month placement to receive services for behavioral, mental health and substance abuse issues.

The Child Care Worker I supervises the clients teaching them appropriate social skills, interpersonal skills, conflict resolution skills, etc. The position requires staff to transport the clients in company vehicles to school, appointments, and activities. Additionally, the staff is required to administer medication to the clients, assist them with light housekeeping, homework, etc.

Minimum Education and/or Experience Requirements:

  • Bachelor of Arts or Sciences Degree preferable

  • A valid child development teaching permit or completed 12 semester units of early childhood education, adolescent development or Foster and Kinship education and have at least 100 hours of experience working with youth

  • A valid certificate as an Alcohol Counselor, Drug Counselor or Alcohol and Drug Counselor, and have at least 100 hours of experience working with youth

  • A valid vocational training certificate, credential, or documentation demonstrating that the individual is a trade journeyperson who instructs children in vocational skills and have at least 100 hours of experience working with youth as a mentor, athletic coach, teacher, vocational coach, tutor, counselor or other relevant experience as determined by the dept

  • Have been previously employed as a full-time staff or served as a volunteer at a group home, short- term residential therapeutic program, or substance abuse treatment program for one year

  • Have relevant life experience in the child welfare, mental health or juvenile justice systems as a consumer, mentor or caregiver or other relevant experience as determined by the dept.

Applicants must have a valid California Driver’s license, good driving record, auto insurance policy, pass a criminal record clearance, provide transcripts confirming college units or degree following up with a copy of official transcripts from the University you attended.

If interested in either of these positions please email a detailed cover letter + resume to or fax resumes to (559) 439-1007.