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December 28, 2016
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January 19, 2017
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By Ralph Marston

Make yourself make your life better.

You know what you must do, so go ahead and get yourself to do it.

You have power over your own thoughts and actions.

Use that power to make a rich and fulfilling life for yourself. Instead of making excuses, make yourself busy creating real

You can choose to do it, and now is the time you have.

No matter what problems or distractions may come, you can make yourself move in whatever direction you choose.

Choose to make yourself move steadily and persistently toward your highest goals, visions and dreams. The quality of your
life is determined by what you make yourself do.

Now is when you can make the very most of that opportunity. Make yourself into the person who is joyfully and successfully
living your most treasured dreams. In every moment, choose to make yourself the best you can be!